Only one hour and twenty minutes from Medellín (our city) we find a very colonial town ..... Santa Fe de Antioquia.

When you come to Colombia, specifically to Medellín, you will be able to get to know a variety of towns in the surrounding area. Some are hot, others are colder. All of them are picturesque and have a lot of history to discover.

On our way to Santa Fe de Antioquia, where we would stay for two days, we first came across two very nice villages and decided to make a few stops.

We find San Jeronimo, one of the tourist paradises of Antioquia. Its warm climate is one of the factors that attract tourists. Its hotel infrastructure is one of the best in Antioquia. The municipality is located close to Medellín with an excellent access road, taking the Túnel de Occidente (Western Tunnel) you will arrive in just one hour. You can find great inns or hotels to stay, have lunch or a day in the sun.

That day we had lunch at the Hotel Quimbaya, a place with excellent service. We only had lunch but you can go and stay in this beautiful place. Before leaving San Jeronimo we bought some typical sweets that you can find on the outskirts of the town, we recommend you to try the tamarind sweets. A delicacy typical of this region.

Then we continued our tour and entered the land of fruits as the town of Sopetrán is known. It was Saturday night and the weekend atmosphere could be felt, the main square was full of people, music and life. In Sopetrán you can go horse riding (ask for Carlos Caballos) and also by bicycle (Colombian Bike Junkies Medellin). The natural landscape is an ideal area to enjoy outdoor activities.

After our stop in Sopetrán we continue to our final destination Santa Fe de Antioquia.

Santa Fe is a national monument for its admirable and beautiful colonial architecture; it has 7 churches and a large number of houses from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. 

It has a warm climate that has allowed tourism to develop in the municipality, which has been filling up with inns, hotels and water parks.

In this beautiful town you can enjoy walking through its stone streets and admiring the houses with their mostly white façades, double-height buildings with balconies and doors carved in wood. You can sit in the main square and see the fountain that adorns this place. In this village there are fountains, squares and gardens.

It is one of the most beautiful and traditional towns in Colombia, where you can get to know first hand the characteristics of the colonial towns of our country.

That weekend we stayed in a small hotel in the historic centre, a small place, but in keeping with the time we were going to spend there. We spent little time in this place because the next day we were walking around, getting to know and enjoying the gastronomy of the place. We enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Guaracú Inn. Then we took the road to go to the bridge of the west, another of the great tourist attractions that this place has, to get to this place you can take a tuk tuk (motorbike taxi) from the town and they take you in only 15 minutes, they wait for you and then they return you to the town again, this is not expensive, around $ 20.000 Colombian pesos.

You can walk across the bridge and take some beautiful pictures of the Cauca River. We recommend you to hydrate yourself well as it is usually very hot.

Our weekend is over and we made the most of it, when you come to Medellín don't hesitate to venture out and see the beautiful towns around it.

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