The southeast of France and Monaco form the French Riviera, in French côte d'Azur.

This area is full of particularities and consists of different cities. We visited a part of the Côte d'Azur. We came from Turin (Italy) to Nice by bus. A journey of about six hours.

We stayed in Nice for a couple of days, it is a place we loved, but in this post we will talk about Cannes, so we rented a car and took the road. Cannes is about an hour from Nice.

Cannes, Cannes, luxury, elegance, are the words that best define it. We have always heard of Cannes for the film festival, but there are also a number of other events around music and theatre.

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Many places to visit, beyond the luxury, this is a town with more than 2000 years of history, between museums, markets, restaurants and its long promenade Cannes manages to captivate you.

We were just passing through, it was only one day but we saw some places that might interest you if you are in the French Riviera.

Don't miss La Croisette, a boulevard that encircles the bay, the palatial five-star hotels and the big brands are located in this area.

The Forville market, a place full of fresh produce, will delight you. The best place for cheese lovers. We love it, so we enjoy it a lot, they say it's one of the best in France.

And don't miss the beaches of Cannes, the most recommended for families is Palm Beach, and there is also another one called Plage du Midi. Regardless of which one you visit, you will love all the beaches in Cannes, they are white sandy.

 We had no more time as we had to take the road to Marseille where we would spend the night. But there are many more places to visit in Cannes.

The Palais des Festivals et des Congrès in Cannes, which is located at the beginning of the Croisette boulevard. The festival takes place at the end of May, travelling at this time is quite expensive, we travelled at a different time but we still took the opportunity to take some pictures next to the palace and on the footprints left by the celebrities around the place. This is known as the Cannes Walk of Fame.

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Places to visit in Cannes

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