Seville is undoubtedly one of Spain's most captivating cities.

A warm city, not only because we went there in the summer, but the city itself is very welcoming.

The people are friendly, smiling, always ready to help you with anything you need. The city is delightful to walk around or to go on a horseback tour. Its main square full of tiles is charming. Seville for us is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.

We arrived in the afternoon, stayed at the Hotel AACR Museo, we recommend this hotel, well located, clean and with a delicious breakfast. We decided to go for a walk through its narrow and lovely alleys. Every corner of this city is culture, art and colour.

There was so much that captivated us about this city that you definitely run out of places to look, there is so much to see and discover that you want to make the most of this time.

Walking towards Plaza España we found the Maria Luisa Park where street performers use their creativity to earn a few euros. We decided to get on stage as if we were Spaniards. This young man had everything organised and we took a few photos in typical Seville costumes.

We continued our tour but at the same time we were delighted with a Flamenco demonstration by a young woman in the middle of the park. As we told you before, in Seville you don't really know where to look. We arrived at the Plaza España; where every corner is worth photographing, it has 48 tiled benches, each one representing a province of Spain. We walked a lot that day, but before arriving at the hotel we tried some delicious tapas accompanied by a delicious orange wine.

The next day we went for a walk along the banks of the river Guadalquivir, you can also take a boat that crosses the river. There are different theories about the name of this tower, some say that the gold brought from America at the time of the discovery was kept there, others say that it was not kept there but nearby. Whatever the theory, the tower is very striking. It now houses a naval museum with small models and navigational tools.

Walking, walking, walking... we arrive at the Royal Alcazar and its gardens, this is the official residence of the kings when they visit the city, which makes them the oldest palaces in use in Europe. This place is very special, palaces that mix renaissance, baroque and gothic art. With an endless number of tiles.

Walking around the cathedral of Seville we decided to take a horse-drawn carriage ride, also called horse-drawn carriage. Without a doubt a very good option when you go with children, our son enjoyed it very much. Ahh and when you pass by the cathedral don't forget to go up to the giralda, the bell tower where you can see the whole city. Near the cathedral is the Santa Cruz neighbourhood, in the heart of the historic centre, a nice place to have a coffee, have lunch, walk around and take home a nice souvenir of Seville.

This city contains a lot of history of the conquest of America, so be sure to visit the Archivo General de Indias which holds information about the travel chronicles of Christopher Columbus, although you will not be able to access the archives, you can see an exhibition.

We enjoyed our stay very much, although we had some places to visit, we will have to return to this city.... we decided in an ironic way ... it will really be a pleasure to return to the beautiful capital of Andalusia.

It was getting late and the ave train to Madrid was waiting for us. See you next time in Seville.

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