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At that time my sister was doing her specialisation in Barcelona. That's why we couldn't miss the opportunity to visit Spain again. We arrived at El Prat airport in Barcelona.

As we all know, we Latin Americans are sadly often completely inspected at airports, if the cruel reality, I don't question their methods, they really are more than valid.

Therefore, on arrival our hand luggage was inspected, when the policeman was checking the security camera he saw a strange rectangular sized package, he did not understand what it was so he told us to open our luggage, and we explained to him what it contained.

We were carrying a sandwich, he didn't understand how we were travelling with such a big and heavy sandwich hahahaha for us Colombians a sandwich is a sweet made from guava that comes in different presentations, for the Spanish it is a piece of bread cut lengthwise, the inside of which has been filled with some kind of food. It took us a while to explain to her that this was a typical sweet from our region and we were taking it to my sister as she had been out of the country for several months and missed its taste.

An anecdote that serves as an experience to learn the vocabulary of each place we go to in order to avoid moments like these.

If you want to know a little more about the Colombian snack go to

Did you know that juice for the Spanish is what we call jugo.

Red wine for us is a filtered black coffee, for them it will always be wine.

For them someone who looks good is cute, for us cute is someone with light hair, for others in Latin America it can be an insult.

For us pena is something that makes us ashamed, for Spaniards pena is a sadness.

For them the flat is a house, for us the flat is the floor.

And so we find a lot of variety in the lexicon, we hope these words will be useful when you go to Spain so that you don't end up ordering a red wine and getting a big glass of wine.

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