If there is one thing that captivates us every time we travel to Europe, it is the transport system in each country. The way in which you can move from one city or country to another in a simple, fast and economical way. Plane, train, bus, or car?

Our first time in Europe was in 2014, that time we travelled through a tour... It allowed us to see a lot but we came home so exhausted that we needed a holiday to rest from the holiday. We decided that next time we would do it in our own time, without rushing. It didn't matter if we didn't go on a marathon tour of a thousand cities, we wanted to enjoy each place more, it wasn't about quantity but the quality of the time we spent in each place. 

To have the opportunity to be in a city and get to know its people, its customs, to enjoy everyday life.

We already knew how to get around, it was simple, there are trains, low cost airlines, buses, or we could rent a car.

To go on a train from country to country, it was really amazing, for us it was completely new because in Latin America we don't have that kind of connections from country to country.

In Latin America you can do it by bus or by plane, we prefer to do it by plane as the road system is not the best. The old continent is really light years ahead of us in this... and that's fine. Finally, the conquest came many years later, and obviously the development as well.

In Europe, connections are easy, whether by train, bus or plane. And the cost, depending on the season, can be quite cheap.

So when you go to Europe don't be afraid to go to a bus or train station and take a bus to any city, all the ones we have been to have been comfortable and safe.

If you go by plane you can travel on airlines such as easy jet, ryan air, Vueling Airlines, eurowings, aireuropa, iberia express. These are some of the many airlines that allow you to travel for a very good price. What you must keep in mind when travelling by this low cost system, is the size of your luggage. Always check the measurements allowed, as they are very strict on the subject and may generate a high extra charge ... and you lose what you saved on the ticket.

If you go by bus you can buy your ticket online or go to the bus station and buy it. It's easy, cheap and the buses are very comfortable (most of them). We say most of them because once we travelled from Milan to Genoa and we got a bus from the 50's hahaha but it was just this once. Another point to take into account is that most of them are punctual.

If you go by train it is very convenient, you can buy your ticket online or at the train station. They are very punctual. Some of the companies have different types of carriages, those that are quiet, family or small children, most trains have a cafeteria car. Personally we love the trains, you don't have to arrive two or three hours early like with planes, you can enjoy the scenery, they are beautiful, you arrive quickly and safely, and if it's a long journey they even have beds. Plus, you don't have to worry so much about the size of your luggage.

The Eurail company allows you to have special passes if you are going to travel through one or several countries by train, you can enter the page and plan your trip depending on which countries you want to visit.

Please note that high-speed and night trains usually require advance reservations, so check their itineraries and plan your journey. By logging on to


We hope our tips have helped you and that you can live Europe at your own pace and in your own time.

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