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We are Nathaly and Andrés, a Colombian couple who met more than a decade ago. We became sweethearts, got married and are now a family of three.

We invite you to join us in our passion for travel and to travel together to every corner of this planet, our journey is just beginning. But our passion is great.

The Blog Mom

I'm Nathaly, a publicist and photographer by profession, passionate about painting, writing, travelling and this blog.

Since we started travelling, I told Andrés that I wanted us to dedicate ourselves to accumulating experiences and not wealth. And this is what we have tried to do.

Travel is those moments that fill us with energy to live. As they say... travel, the world is big and life is short.


 Blog Dad


I am Andrés, a lover of numbers, mathematical calculations and the financial world. This blog is my way of crossing into a world of unique and amazing experiences, where there are no definite predictions and the road shows you that in the least expected place you can find pleasant surprises. 

My passion for travelling has always existed, but it was in 2013 when my wife and I made our first trip to the Dominican Republic, undoubtedly a paradise that left us with the desire to explore every corner. Together we have already been to different countries such as Spain, Panama, Argentina, Peru, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, France, United States, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland... and we hope to continue expanding our journey. In this blog we want to share these experiences with you.




The Blog Child

Pedro joined this adventure in 2017.

The first time we travelled with him was when he was one and a half years old. An eleven-hour plane ride. And this champion was a real showman, we discovered that he loved aeroplanes as much as we did. Since that day he hasn't stopped playing pilot.

At his young age he already knows Madrid, Barcelona, Vigo, Salamanca, Porto, Prague, Budapest, Genoa, Turin, Nice, Monaco, Milan, Amsterdam.... and what is still to come.

We want them to be resilient children, who learn to love and respect differences in cultures, food, customs, races, tastes and above all, who learn to care for and value this planet.

Your feedback is important to us. Write to us or tell us about your experiences.

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